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Chula Vista Run

With the blast of the fire engine siren, the annual Chula Vista Quarry Crusher Run began with all proceeds benefiting the Chula Vista Firefighter’s Foundation.

The Quarry Crusher Run series takes place at various Vulcan quarries throughout the country each year. Runners can choose between the Quarry Crusher Run (approximately 3.1 miles) and the Double Crusher Run (approximately 6.2 miles). The route will wind down an average of a 10 percent grade (expect as much as 18 percent in some areas!) through granite or limestone cliffs to the quarry floor. The approximately 400-500 foot ascent from the quarry floor to the finish makes the grueling event one of the nation’s most challenging foot races.

Race Start

The race provides runners with a once-in-a-lifetime experience to look inside a magnificent landscape that the general public seldom gets to see. Unlike any other races nationwide, the Quarry Crusher Run Series allows personal access into exclusive and amazing landscapes.

The 2018 Quarry Crusher Run at Chula Vista had 369 participants. 75 volunteers from Vulcan’s Chula Vista and Carroll Canyon facilities were there to help along with sponsors from Chula Vista Fire Explorers. Some of the Explorers hosted a kids obstacle course and a booth selling CVFD apparel, while others participated in the race. Additionally, there was a band at the bottom of the pit that consisted of kids of firefighters in the CVFD.

Chick-fil-A was also a sponsor of the race, donating breakfast sandwiches. Even better – Chick-fil-A cows (an adult cow and a baby cow) participated in part of the race.


Community and Government Relations Coordinator Abbey Sanderson and Community and Government Relations Manager Barbara Goodrich-Welk present a check to the Chula Vista Firefighter’s Foundation. 

Following the event, Vulcan was proud to present $45,000 to the Chula Vista Firefighter’s Foundation. 

Don’t miss your chance to join in on the fun with the next Chula Vista Quarry Crusher Run on November 2, 2019!

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