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Vulcan’s Commitment Helps Local Communities

Vulcan often partners with first responders but none are cuter than those at the Madera Sheriff’s Office – namely, Apex, Arco, Gaston, Nacho and Tonka.

Those would be the five Belgian Malinois who make up the Sheriff’s K9 unit. 

Vulcan works with the Sheriff’s office to support the Madera Sheriff’s Foundation, which helps fund the program that pays for dogs’  training and equipment, including chew toys and bullet-proof vests.

“It’s all about supporting the dog because they take care of us,” said K9 Deputy Matthew Autry who is partnered with two-year old Tonka. “Their ultimate goal is to sacrifice themselves for us and so they’re protecting us.”

Some of their work includes drug sniffing, searching for suspects and, if needed, apprehension of fleeing suspects. 

“These dogs have an extremely dangerous job,” said Amy Varney, Vice Chairman of the Madera County Sheriff’s Office. “And what the foundation does it provide help for them so in an exo facto kind of way the foundation provides help for them, get us funding for what they need to train them properly and in the end they’re going to take care of us and that’s their main goal, and their main job and they do it willingly and they do it every day.”

Amy Varney, Vice Chairman of the Madera County Sheriff’s Office

In addition to assisting the K9 unit, Vulcan works with the foundation to fund scholarships for students studying law enforcement and cadets attending their training academy. The foundation also helps pay for police uniforms and equipment and supports volunteer groups.

“We are all Madera County proud, that’s for sure,” said Varney. “Partnering with our businesses that come along and partner with the Madera County Foundation, in particular Vulcan Materials, is just really important to our foundation and moving us forward.”

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