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Reclamation Efforts at Pleasanton and Azusa

Restoring land to a natural or economically usable state is a top priority at Vulcan.

Well before mining is even completed, Vulcan begins the reclamation process. At Vulcan’s, Pleasanton and Azusa facilities in California, land is being restored to its natural setting.

“We have a responsibility to do our job to make sure that when we are done it looks as good or better as it did when we started,” said Pleasanton Plant Manager Sean Harrington.

About 700 acres of the site will become part of a chain of lakes free of any industrial or residential development.

Pleasanton Plant Manager Sean Harrington

Although mining activity will continue at the Azusa Quarry for the next several years, Vulcan has already completed a major step in the reclamation process by building a 200-foot buttress to stabilize a hill that will contour to form a natural looking setting over time.

In addition, Vulcan restored the hillside with native vegetation using hydroseeding, or spraying the micro benches with seeds to mimic the natural pollination process. Vulcan also employed an extensive drip irrigation system and targeted watering systems to limit dust.

Azusa Plant Manager Ron Leapline

And with more than 80 acres of non-mined land on the property, Azusa opened a public access path from the quarry to the Fish Canyon trailhead in 2014.

“It’s important because as a company we do what we say we’re going to do and we’re good environmental stewards with our local communities,” said Plant Manager Ron Leapline.