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Unique Conveyor Bridge

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Improves Safety, Reduces Emissions

Vulcan Materials Company teamed with the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) on a unique conveyor system bridge for the Kings Canyon Expressway project. The project converted an existing 2-lane rural state highway to a 4-lane expressway.

The unique conveyor system transported 800,000 tons of material from Vulcan’s Sanger plant over the highway to the adjacent construction site. The bridge over the highway was approximately 40 feet and the total conveyor system was approximately 700 feet long.

According to Caltrans officials, the bridge helped improved safety, relieved traffic congestion and reduced emissions by eliminating 135,000 truck miles.

“We were very excited about it,” said Neal Bretz, Caltrans project manager. “Removing hundreds of truckloads daily for weeks at a time, that’s just a big safety improvement for us.”

For more information, please visit dot.ca.gov