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A Golden Safety Record at Corona

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Western Division

More Than A Million Hours Accident Free

At Vulcan, protecting people guides everything we do. We have a responsibility to one another, our families, neighbors and the communities we serve. 

Perhaps no other facility has exemplified and perfected that safety philosophy more than Vulcan’s Corona Quarry in Southern California, which has gone more than two decades, logging in more than one million hours, without an accident.

“Corona has a great safety culture, and it’s been building for the last 20 years,” said Paul Sibole, who served as Corona Plant Manager from 2016 to 2019. “It’s not just management; it’s the people. They really buy in. They have a lot of ownership in our safety record.”

That mentality has resulted in the facility and crew receiving numerous state and industry-wide safety awards throughout the years.

“It’s a great achievement,” said current Plant Manager Jason Solis. “We have not had anybody get injured here and have to take a day off and have to miss a day of work, an hour of work, a minute of work.”

Corona Plant Manager Jason Solis

Assistant Plant Manager Earl Ochs, also known as the facility’s safety champion, even coined a safety campaign dubbed “Step back, Think, Organize, Proceed,” or STOP,  which Vulcan facilities have adopted and promoted throughout the company’s Western Division.

Corona Assistant Plant Manager Earl Ochs

“I’ve always said listen to the little guy on your shoulder that’s telling you ‘is this the right thing to do?’” Ochs explained. “…you want to take a few seconds to stop, think about it, organize what you’re gonna do and work your way through the process instead of just rushing into it.” 

“I believe here at Vulcan no matter what facility you go to we’re all preaching the same message,” Solis added. “Our expectation to be safe every day and come home the way you come to work.”