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Former Operations Management Trainee Works Up The Ranks

Vulcan is developing its future leaders through its Operations Management Development program.

The training program, which can take up to two years to complete, provides the necessary skills and knowledge required to assume a leadership or supervisor role at Vulcan.

Neha Sharma was a student at Virginia Tech when she attended a career fair during her senior year. After meeting some team members and learning about the company, Nehe knew that Vulcan was the place for her. She applied online and accepted an offer to become an Operations Management Trainee in Vulcan’s Western Division. 

“When I was a trainee I thought it was the best job ever because I literally just got paid to learn,” she recalled. “That was my job, and that’s all I had to focus on…it really just gave me an opportunity to soak in what I could.”

Neha Sharma started at Vulcan as an Operations Management Trainee, she is now a Landfill Supervisor.

Neha is now a Landfill Supervisor and credits the program for preparing her for the new role. “If this was me ten years ago, I never would have thought I’d be in this position or doing these things,” she said.

Neha added that Vulcan and her co-workers not only support her but continue to help her attain her goals. She also offers some advice to prospective employees.

“Just go for it and give it your all, especially with a company like Vulcan,” said Neha. “If you want something, they have the resources and the support for you to succeed.”