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Vulcan’s Operations Management Trainees Gain Hands-On Learning

Vulcan is making it easier for college graduates to not only gain employment but receive the on-the-job training they need to get ahead and succeed. Vulcan’s Operations Management Development hires recent college graduates and prepares them for leadership positions at facilities throughout the country. Upon completion of the program, participants gain the necessary experience and skills required to take on a lead or supervisor role.

For Matias Marquez, who is enrolled in the training program at Vulcan’s Corona plant in California, applying classroom learning to hands-on field work is the most rewarding aspect.

“It’s not just sitting at a desk at a computer every day punching numbers,” he said. “I actually get out in the field working with my hands…getting to play in the dirt,”

Originally from San Diego, Matias studied mining engineering at Virginia Tech. After spending a summer interning at Vulcan’s Durbin facility in Irwindale, he was offered a position at Corona.

Matias Marquez is an Operations Management Trainee at Vulcan’s Corona facility.

Since 2013, more than 200 people have taken part in the Operations Management Development program, allowing Vulcan to cultivate a diverse talent pipeline of the next-generation leaders who gain exposure to all areas of the business.

At the Corona Quarry, Earl Ochs, a 25-year Vulcan employee known as a safety superstar, has been mentoring Matias and vowed to teach him everything he knows about the business.

“It gives him an opportunity to see what positions are available within the company, whether it’s engineering, mining, ops,” he added. “Gives him a pretty well-rounded opportunity to see what we do.”

Monica Arevalo is another operations management trainee at Vulcan’s Vinedale facility who graduated from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona with a degree in mechanical engineering. She was introduced to Vulcan at a campus career fair.

Monica Arevalo is an Operations Management Trainee at Vulcan’s Vinedale facility.

“As an ops trainee, I feel like I’ve won the lottery,” Monica said. “I love learning and it’s definitely a great program to be a part of… There’s so many different departments within Vulcan… There’s so many opportunities.” 

Monica has her eyes set on becoming a plant manager after completing the program. “I would love to do that and be as great a manager as the managers I have now.”