A Vulcan Family Affair

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Western Division

The Evans Family Sticks Together

For the Evans family, Vulcan is truly a family affair.

John Sr. is a haul truck driver at the facility in Corona, California, while John Jr. is a human resources manager for Western Division and another son, Matt, drives at San Bernardino.

“I always taught these guys – work hard, do your job every day, be on time, show up. You’ll go places,” John Sr. said. “People will recognize that.”

Working together has only strengthened their family bond. “I got to say I love it, “ said John Jr. “I love having these two here. We get to share stories, talk to each other about what’s going on.”

They also credit Vulcan with creating a family atmosphere among co-workers and stressing the importance of safety as a top priority, Matt said.

From left to right: Human Resources Manager John Evans Jr., Haul Truck Driver John Evans Sr. and Haul Truck Driver Matt Evans.

“Now that we got the whole family working here, you know it means something,” said Matt. “What could you ask for more than working with your dad and your brother?”