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Showcasing Vulcan Career Opportunities

Mining is often perceived as a male-dominated industry. But with women making up more than 50 percent of the company’s salaried employees, Vulcan has demonstrated its commitment to closing the gender gap.

Area Sales Manager Renee Chan, who manages a sales team covering plants in three Southern California counties, says Vulcan’s dedication to breaking down barriers is evident throughout all levels of the company.

“I feel like everyone here just wants you to do well and so they make sure that they educate you, they help you and mentor you,” she said.

Magdalena Patron, who works as a dispatcher at Vulcan’s Chula Vista facility, believes Vulcan has eschewed industry stereotypes by creating a work environment that promotes opportunity and encourages all employees to succeed.  

“Females are always welcome at Vulcan and females will always be treated respectfully,” Patron said. “You can do anything you set out your heart to do. You can be in any business line as long as you are happy with your choices that you make.”

For Chan, that means doing more than just providing customers with good pricing.

“Vulcan way of selling and making sure that we drive value in what we do,” Chan explained. “We’re not just a price-driven company, we provide a lot of unique solutions to customers…so just reminding people that it’s not only about price, it’s about what we provide them, the value, the full package.”

Brandi Schacherer, a Small Business Account Representative in Pleasanton, California, believes Vulcan’s internal culture translates into stronger relationships and top-notch service for customers.

Brandi Schacherer, Small Business Account Representative at Vulcan’s Pleasanton facility in California.

“Service in my mind is servicing the customer from the get-go,” explained Schacherer, who has been with Vulcan for nearly 20 years. “From the time I pick up the phone and call them and talk to them, to the time I give them a quote…and I do a service call afterwards to make sure everything ran smooth.”

As a dispatcher who checks customer trucks in and out of the Pleasanton facility every day,  Lisa Monet says the best part of her job is that personal interaction that demonstrates the Vulcan Way. 

“We really try to do it the right way and service our customers,” Monet confirmed. “Happy customers keeping the morale where it should be.”

Left: Pleasanton Dispatcher Lisa Monet. Right: Chula Vista Dispatcher Magdalena Patron